Memoir: Drops on the Water: Stories About Growing Up from a Father and Son


Drops on the Water: Stories About Growing Up from a Father and Son, is a book about the childhood experiences of a father and son that traces the similarities and differences between distinct generations in their unique geographical environments. From the suburbs and fairgrounds of the United States to the majesty and beauty of the Swiss Alps, from a beach in Nicaragua to a gum plantation in Zululand, these stories jump between Europe and America, east and west coast, and the African continent. They trace the inheritance of World War II, of German nationality, of the shock of a friend’s suicide to a classmate’s overdose. The anxieties of early love and rural small town life are balanced against changes seen in the familial sphere across generations. Apartheid inequities, corporal punishment in strict prep schools, a friend’s illicit affair with an African maid, hitchhiking barefoot, and a scheduled Ping-Pong match with the Prince of Lichtenstein, all coalesce in a book that brings to life the circumstances that bind its authors to history, family, generation, and place.  



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